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About Kulp's of Stratford

The Kulp's Roofing Team

Who We Are

Kulp's of Stratford, LLC, is a roofing, insulation, and specialty sheet metal installation contractor in Central Wisconsin that provides premium products and top quality installation and repair service to commercial, industrial, religious, and residential clients in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Marathon Metals, LLC, is a sister company of Kulp's, offering a complete line of sheet metal fabrications for our contractor clients, including flashings, copings, edges, and finials.

Our History

The original company name was Kulp's Coatings and specialized primarily in roof coatings. It was soon determined that roof coating would limit the scope of services that Kulp's could perform. Shortly, general construction services and roofing membranes were added to the mix of products and services offered by Kulp's. In 1987 the name was changed to Kulp's Coatings and Construction to reflect the expanded services being performed.

As the formative years of the company passed, it was determined that the destiny of the company was more closely aligned with roofing and less aligned with general construction. The company's name was finally changed to Kulp's of Stratford in 1992. This name was chosen so as to never limit the product and service changes that might come over the years and to serve as a premise for building a strong local brand.

In 2000, John Kulp joined his brother Bob in the business and has become the president of the company.

Kulp's has been at the forefront of many industry changes since 1985. In 2001, seeing the need to offer better thermal and moisture protection services Kulp's Of Stratford started to offer spray foam insulation as a way to build a superior building envelope and deliver even more value to clients. During that same year, Marathon Metals, LLC, was formed as a sister company to Kulp's in order to provide specialty metal fabrications, trims, and roofing panels for other contractors and suppliers.

Kulp's has always had the concept of hiring intelligent, motivated individuals. It is our belief that even difficult work like roofing and insulation can be a fulfilling way to provide for the needs of our employees and their families.

We look forward to the changes that are a part of the history yet to be made. We anticipate the future with an understanding that God has been the major part of building this company, and that He will be the foundation of our future success!

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

We are building a great company by nurturing a wholesome and rewarding work environment for accountable and productive team players, ensuring that our clients get great results and the best customer care. We seek God's help to positively impact our community through this mission.

Our Values

How we build lasting trust:

Integrity – the foundation of lasting trust
Respect – the climate required for trust
Accountability – the culture trust calls for
Openness – the evidence that trust exists
Teamwork – the way people who trust work
Caring – the ultimate purpose and result of trust

Roofing Contractor in Stratford, WI

The Kulp's Code of Conduct

We, the team members of Kulp's of Stratford, LLC, wish to assure you, our client, that we will conduct ourselves professionally and courteously while we perform our contract on your premises. You can expect the following from us at all times:

  • Clear Communication
    We will attempt to communicate clearly with you during the entire process, with regard to our plans and your expectations, to ensure full understanding and to keep misunderstandings from arising.
  • Respect for Property
    We will at all times be respectful of your fixed and movable property, and treat it with care, better than if it were our own. If we need access to the interior of your home, we will ask about protecting the floor or removing our shoes, and will not use your restroom or furniture unless invited to do so.
  • Tidiness and Clean-up
    We will put our tools and materials in order at the end of each day, and clean up thoroughly at the end of the project, leaving your place looking as nice or better than when we came.
  • Exemplary Conduct
    Our personal conduct while on your property will always be exemplary, and our speech will be free from objectionable language. We will not smoke on your premises without your expressed permission.
  • Professional Appearance
    We will be dressed in a manner becoming of a professional contracting company, at all times wearing shirts, which will be clean and without offensive or distracting graphics. We look forward to working with you and making your contracting experience a pleasant one, exceeding your expectations while causing as little disruption as is possible. All Kulp's of Stratford Team Members have signed and agreed to this Code of Conduct.