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Religious & Historical

Religious & Historical Roofing in Central Wisconsin

Religious and Historical Projects from Kulp's of Stratford

When a religious or historical building in the Midwest needs a new roof or finishings, Kulp's of Stratford has been the first choice for decades. Specializing in unique, historically accurate details that fit the style and construction of the original building, Kulp's attention to detail provides flawless, outstanding results.

Religious and Historical Projects

Houses of Worship & Museum Roofing in Central Wisconsin

Houses of Worship and Museums

Architects and project managers choose Kulp's for their experience replicating original finishes and designs for houses of worship and museums throughout the Midwest.

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Steeples, Bell Towers and Cupola Repair, Restoration and Reproduction in Central Wisconsin

Steeples, Bell Towers and Cupolas

Kulp's of Stratford's experience in repairing or reproducing original finishes for beautiful, historic buildings makes them the first choice for these unique projects.

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Historical Reproductions in Central Wisconsin


Using modern techniques and timeless materials and designs, Kulp's of Stratford specializes in historical reproductions that stay true to the building's original beauty.

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