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Monday 4 May 2015

Storms and your roof in Central Wisconsin
Roof Inspection After Storms

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Storms and your roof in Central Wisconsin

Spring Storms and a Dry House

Along with the month of May we tend to see rain and thunderstorms. High winds and driving rain can damage shingles of an older roof. Even if your roof is fairly new, if installed incorrectly, problems can occur.

After every storm the home owner should check for problems. Peeling, curling or missing shingles need to be addressed immediately. If repairs can be made promptly, it will save you money down the road by insuring a dry home. If you have questions please visit our show room 2 miles east of Stratford on Hwy 153. Or, if you are in the Wausau area and would like to schedule an appointment in our Cedar Creek office, please call 715-687-3368.