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Kulp's Partcipates in

  • Posted On: 3/8/11
  • Posted By: Kulp's of Stratford

In January of this year, our company participated in a community effort to assist a special family in the Wausau area. Chris and Annie Teeters have two children with a very rare chromosome disease who require special care and an accessible home. Their current home on Stettin Drive falls short of their needs, so they are building another home nearby that is not only accessible but has a therapy room for children and families in the area with similar disabilities. Find out more about the project called "Build from the Heart" by clicking here.

Kulp's portion of the effort was to Teeters home install, at a reduced cost, a complete Icynene Insulation System. The Teeters family had contacted us in response to a mailer and were very interested in the healthy aspects of the system, specifically, indoor air quality, relative to other insulation options available. We wish the Teeters family all the best as they move into their new home this spring.