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Marathon Solar Roofing Offers Opportunity to Futurize Your Home

  • Posted On: 7/10/09
  • Posted By: Kulp's of Stratford

Kulp's of Stratford recently added to its staff of professionals an experienced Solar Specialist, John Maggitti. John will be heading up the part of our company we call "Marathon Solar Roofing", which offers an amorphous solar photovoltaic film that adheres directly onto our Marathon Metals Kynar-coated standing seam roofing panels. Unlike the clunky systems of the past, these "thin-film" solar modules do not require racks or other mounting structures and have a proven track record of reliable performance. Integrating the solar collectors into the roofing adds to, rather than detracts from, your property's appearance. Sales tax and property tax-exempt, integrated solar electric systems add value to your property while providing you with the opportunity to reduce both your energy costs and help the environment. Federal and State incentives are available to offset a significant portion of the cost. Your financial return on investment can be as short as nine years with system life in excess of 25 years. This provides the perfect opportunity to do your roofing right and add the solar energy dimension to your home at the same time. Or, these solar panels may be retro-fitted on your existing roof, or even installed in conjunction with another type of roof system, to achieve the look you desire within your budget. Call John Maggitti soon at the above number, or send him an email to [email protected]