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Vernon County Courthouse

  • Posted On: 6/18/10
  • Posted By: Kulp's of Stratford

The Kulp's of Stratford team recently completed the installation of the Vernon County domes new copper roof on the historic Vernon County Courthouse in Viroqua, Wisconsin. This project involved removing the existing clay tile and shingle roofs, along with a steel roof underlying the tiles. An asbestos coating was found on the steel, which required proper abatement; some structural repairs of the eave overhangs and masonry tuckpointing also proved necessary. Shown above is the new flat-seamed copper dome, along with the recreated finial, manufactured by Kulp's of Stratford's master craftsman, Mike Kulp, from aluminum and painted gold. We credit Mike with this successful restoration, which we have no doubt will grace this beautiful, historic centerpiece of Vernon County for generations to come.