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Metal Roof Retrofit in Stratford, WI

Metal Roof Retrofits from Kulp's of Stratford

Business owners often choose metal roofs because of the cost savings of installing the new roof over existing asphalt shingles or other products.

Metal Roof Retrofits

What is a retrofit roof, you might ask? Simply put, the roofing contractor installs the new roof over existing roofing materials like asphalt shingles. Roofing contractors and architects appreciate this cost-saving benefit when recommending a retrofitted metal roof for their commercial clients. The existing roof does not have to be torn off, saving labor costs and keeping refuse out of the landfills.

A retrofitted metal roof can be installed over asphalt shingles or even existing metal roofs. Kulp's of Stratford will ensure your commercial metal roof retrofit meets the highest standards for durability and energy efficiency. Constructed with high quality, coated rolled steel panels, a Kulp's retrofitted metal roof system will stand the test of time while reducing waste and labor costs.

Commercial Metal Roof Retrofit in Wisconsin Rapids, WI