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Slate & Concrete Roofing

Slate and Concrete Roofing in Stratford, WI

Slate and Concrete Roofing from Kulp's of Stratford

Going beyond using metal, asphalt and other materials, Kulp's is also experienced in the installation of slate or concrete roofs for a historic, timeless appearance.

Slate and Concrete Roofing

Slate or concrete tile roofs have been installed for centuries. While stone-coated metal roofs can often achieve the same appearance of traditional slate or concrete tiles, homeowners who chose the "real deal" in the past enjoyed historically accuracy of the materials. Today's current home construction specifications, however, are not made for the heavy nature of slate or concrete tiles. In order to result in a waterproof, durable barrier, those tiles often needed to be overlapped by up to 10 inches, resulting in a roof that weighs far more than the structure underneath was built to accommodate. Damaged slate or concrete roofs were also notoriously complicated and expensive to repair if damaged.

Modern slate and concrete roofing systems solve those problem whiles also limiting cost by reducing the number of overall tiles required for the roof installation. GAF TruSlate, for instance, utilizes a comprehensive system of waterproofing and tile rails for easy, fast installation. The proprietary rail system also offers the opportunity to replace any damaged tiles one by one without disturbing the surrounding tiles.

Kulp's of Stratford would be pleased to discuss slate and concrete roofing options for your residential property in Wisconsin.

Slate and Concrete Roofing in Wausau, WI