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Houses of Worship & Museum Roofing

Worship Buildings, Churches and Museum Roofing in Central Wisconsin

Houses of Worship & Museum Roofing from Kulp's of Stratford

Architects and project managers choose Kulp's for their experience replicating original finishes and designs for houses of worship and museums throughout the Midwest.

Houses of Worship and Museum Roofing

Most roofing contractors in the business today have no experience with historical restorations. Kulp's of Stratford has specialized in this area for decades. If there has been a new roof put on a unique property like a church or museum in Wisconsin, chances are, Kulp's performed the work. Why? They understand the attention to detail, the commitment to authentic, historically accurate materials, and the sentiment behind these projects.

Houses of Worship and Museums become integrated into the fabric of a community. Over time, they are landmarks and touchstones for time gone by, a connection to our ancestors, and the values we hold dear. Kulp's appreciates how vital projects like these are to society.

With their sister company, Marathon Metals, LLC, Kulp's restores roofs, domes, facades, and even metal ornamentation down to the last, historically accurate detail. They have the skills and equipment needed to work higher off the ground than other roofing companies, so even the tallest cupola isn't beyond reach for Kulp's.

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