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Steeples, Bell Towers & Cupolas

Steeple, Bell Tower and Cupola Roofing and Repairs in Central Wisconsin

Steeples, Bell Towers and Cupolas from Kulp's of Stratford

Kulp's of Stratford's experience in repairing or reproducing original finishes for beautiful, historic buildings makes them the first choice for these unique projects.

Steeples, Bell Towers and Cupolas

What makes our most cherished historic buildings stand out and stand tall apart from the modern environments that surround them today? Their original details like steeples, bell towers and cupolas. It may take years and years for those unique details to deteriorate to the point of needing replacement or repair, but when it inevitably happens, Kulp's of Stratford has the experience, skills and artistry to restore these elements to their original glory.

From authentic materials like copper panels and cladding to more modern fabrications utilizing steel or aluminum, but still with the appearance of the original finish, restoring these buildings so they'll last another hundred years or more is one of Kulp's primary passions.

Beyond the intricate cladding that follows the graceful lines of the original steeple, bell tower or cupola, Kulp's sister company, Marathon Metals, LLC, produces gorgeous crosses and finials to add the perfect finishing touch. Our fabricators know the artistic and intrinsic value of these finishes and elements, and they put their heart and soul into each project.

Steeples, Bell Towers and Cupola Repair in Central Wisconsin