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November 2014 - Wausau: Department of Military Affairs Roof Progress Photos

November 2014 - Wausau: Department of Military Affairs Roof Progress Photos      November 2014 - Wausau: Department of Military Affairs Roof Progress Photos

June 2011 - Redesign of Roll Former Satisfies Form and Function

During the winter of 2010 - 2011, Marathon Metals staff completed a redesign of our roll former, which we have utilized for the past 10 years to form standing seam roofing panels for hundreds of projects. The sleek new look incorporates the logos for our companies, Kulp's of Stratford, Marathon Metals, and Marathon Solar Roofing, and includes two photos of one of our most photogenic of projects, a beautiful log home with a Marathon Metals standing seam roof located on a lake in Vilas County.

Mike Kulp and Keith Kuehmichel were responsible for the ingenious design and fabrication of the aluminum covers, which protect the roll forming equipment, provide an aerodynamic shroud and rolling billboard during transport, and are easily lifted away to allow access to the material and equipment inside. Come rain, snow, or wind, our roll forming equipment can now more easily be transported to your neighborhood to produce metal panels for our next roofing project.

Kulp Roof roll former

April 2011 - Bob Kulp testifies on behalf of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) on Capitol Hill to the US House Committee on Small Business

On April 13, 2011 Bob Kulp was asked to testify to the US House on tax policy for the NRCA. This privilege was bestowed on Bob after having served 3 years as the Chairman of the Government Relations Committee for the NRCA. Bob currently is serving a second term as a Director of the National Roofing Contractors Association. For a video of the 5 minute testimony, see below.

March 2011 - Kulp's Participates in "Build From The Heart" Project

In January of this year, our company participated in a community effort to assist a special family in the Wausau area. Chris and Annie Teeters have two children with a very rare chromosome disease who require special care and an accessible home. Their current home on Stettin Drive falls short of their needs, so they are building another home nearby that is not only accessible, but has a therapy room for children and families in the area with similar disabilities. Find out more about the project called "Build from the Heart" by clicking here.

Kulp's portion of the effort was to Teeters home install, at a reduced cost, a complete Icynene Insulation System. The Teeters family had contacted us in response to a mailer, and were very interested in the healthy aspects of the system, specifically, indoor air quality, relative to other insulation options available. We wish the Teeters family all the best as they move into their new home this spring.
Kulp's participates in

March 2011 - Kulp's Of Stratford Finalist for Small Business of the Year for the Wausau Region Chamber

For the third year in a row, Kulp's of Stratford was nominated for Small Business of the Year for the Wausau Region Chamber, and because of the excellent year Kulp's had in 2010, an application was submitted for the first time to be considered for this honor. Kulp's was chosen among many other worthy companies to be one of five finalists in the Commercial Services category. Kafka Granite, also from Stratford, was chosen as the winner of the category. Kulp's was honored to be nominated and considered for this honor.

June 2010 - Kulp's Finishes New Copper Roof On Vernon County Courthouse

The Kulp's of Stratford team recently completed installation of the Vernon County domes new copper roof on the historic Vernon County Courthouse in Viroqua, Wisconsin. This project involved removing the existing clay tile and shingle roofs, along with a steel roof underlying the tiles. An asbestos coating was found on the steel, which required proper abatement; some structural repairs of the eave overhangs and masonry tuckpointing also proved necessary. Shown above is the new flat-seamed copper dome, along with the recreated finial, manufactured by Kulp's of Stratford's master craftsman, Mike Kulp, from aluminum and painted gold. We credit Mike with this successful restoration, which we have no doubt will grace this beautiful, historic centerpiece of Vernon County for generations to come.
New Copper Roof On Vernon County Courthouse

March 2010 - Kulp's Selected As Master Elite Contractor By GAF-Elk

Master EliteKulp's of Stratford has been installing asphalt shingle roofs for many years, and has experienced the frustrations of many clients when their shingles from certain manufacturers deteriorated at an unacceptable rate. For the past year, we have been allied with a shingle manufacturer that has a reputation for producing high-quality shingles: GAF-Elk. Now, that manufacturer has selected our company for their highest level of installer certification, the Master Elite Roofing Contractor. Kulp's is one of only two with that honor in central Wisconsin. This certification will allow us to provide our clients with the best warranty in the asphalt shingle industry, the Weather Stopper Golden Pledge Warranty, which gives 20 years of non-prorated material and workmanship coverage, with full warranty transferability during that entire period. In addition to that, many GAF-Elk shingles are warranted against material defects for 50 years on a non-prorated basis, and that warranty coverage includes the cost of shingle replacement. Contact a Kulp's of Stratford sales representative or click here to submit a request for a proposal or a consultation on your roofing project.

February 2010 - Copper Development Association Provides Training for Kulp's of Stratford and Marathon Metals Sheet Metal Workers

On February 9 & 10, Kulp's of Stratford and Marathon Metals team members received specialized training from the Copper Development Association (CDA), to enhance their skills with architectural copper work. The Copper Development Association Inc. is the market development, engineering and information services arm of the copper industry, chartered to enhance and expand markets for copper and its alloys in North America.

Our companies, Kulp's of Stratford and its metal fabricating sister company, Marathon Metals, have long been leaders in architectural copper work in central Wisconsin, and are now expanding their reach into places like southern Wisconsin and Iowa. An increased focus on specialty copper projects called for training commensurate with it; our crews will be able to handle an even wider variety of projects, including copper standing seam roofing, flat-seamed copper panels, copper gutters, and decorative copper work.

Kulp's will receive certification from the CDA, and will be listed on the website,, as an Architectural Installation Contractor.
Copper Development Association provides training to Kulp's of Stratford and Marathon Metals Sheet Metal Workers

July 2009 - Kulp's of Stratford Installs First Marathon Solar Roof

A residence in rural Edgar, Wisconsin, just received a new Decra stone-coated steel roof with a Marathon Solar Roofing solar photovoltaic installation over the garage. Final connections are being made in late July, after which the homeowners will be generating their own electrical power and selling some of it back to the grid. Below is a photo of the home. Notice how the thin-film solar panels blend in with the matte black steel panels, for a sleek and pleasing appearance.
Decra Stone-coated steel roof

July 2009 - Marathon Solar Roofing Offers the Opportunity to Futurize Your Home

Marathon Solar RoofingKulp's of Stratford recently added to its staff of professionals an experienced Solar Specialist, John Maggitti. John will be heading up the part of our company we call "Marathon Solar Roofing", which offers amorphous solar photovoltaic film that adheres directly onto our Marathon Metals Kynar-coated standing seam roofing panels. Unlike the clunky systems of the past, these "thin film" solar modules do not require racks or other mounting structures, and have a proven track record of reliable performance. Integrating the solar collectors into the roofing adds to, rather than detracts from, your property's appearance. Sales tax and property tax exempt, integrated solar electric systems add value to your property while providing you with the opportunity to reduce both your energy costs and help the environment. Federal and State incentives are available to offset a significant portion of the cost. Your financial return on investment can be as short as nine years with system life in excess of 25 years. This provides the perfect opportunity to do your roofing right and add the solar energy dimension to your home at the same time. Or, these solar panels may be retro-fitted on your existing roof, or even installed in conjunction with another type of roof system, to achieve the look you desire within your budget. Call John Maggitti soon at the above number, or send him an email to

May 2009 - Kulp’s Crew Trained in Asbestos Roofing Removal

Asbestos Roofing Removal Does your roof look like the one in this photo? Asbestos Tile ShinglesIf so, there is a good possibility that you have a cementitious asbestos tile or shingle roof on your building. These roofs were installed decades ago before safety concerns arose around the use of asbestos in products and building materials. They are certainly long-lasting roofs, but are often unsightly, and require specially trained workers to remove them safely.

In early March, one of Kulp's of Stratford's crews took two days of training and were subsequently certified by the state of Wisconsin as Asbestos Roofing Workers and Supervisors. We have done many asbestos removal projects in the past, but up until this year, the state has required annual training and recertification. If you have an asbestos containing roof that needs removal, call our team of experts to remove and dispose of it safely. Note that in some cases, it is possible to cover and encapsulate an existing asbestos tile roof with a new metal roof, saving the cost of removing it.

January 2009 - Kulp’s Completes Reroof of Unique Church in Marshfield

Unique Roof In October, 2008, Kulp’s of Stratford took on an unusual project at Christ Lutheran Church in Marshfield. What made it unusual was not the product we installed, but the configuration of the roof. As the photo shows, the auditorium is enclosed by what is termed a barreled roof, sloping up to a height of more than 40 feet on one end.

The CertainTeed Hallmark asphalt shingles were nearing the end of their useful life, and the church made the informed decision to have a metal roof installed this time, seeking to push back the date of the next reroof many decades into the future. After going through a process of reviewing proposals and evaluating several roofing contractors, Kulp’s was selected for the project, based largely on its experience with performing metal roofing projects of that size and scope. Decra Stone-coated Steel Shingles, in the Midnight Black color, was the roofing material of choice, with a black EPDM (rubber) membrane covering the “crown” of the roof.

Our crew started tearing off the old shingles on October 23, installed the metal roofing panels first on the north side, then on the south side, and then completed the membrane at the crown of the roof right on schedule and without any leaks on November 4. Kulp’s of Stratford would like to express appreciation to the congregation of Christ Lutheran Church for allowing us to be a part of this unique project.

November 2008 - Kulp’s Team Members Receive Training at Marvin Windows in Warroad, Minn.

Marvin Windows Graham Pearce, HomeWorks Salesperson, and John Kulp, President and Co-owner of Kulp’s of Stratford, spent three valuable days learning about windows in Warroad, Minnesota, at the William S. Marvin Training Center. This beautiful new facility doubles as a visitor center for the small community just six miles from the Canadian border. The Marvin Company, sponsor of this training for its Infinity brand, has a history going back over one hundred years, and is the largest custom window company in the world.

Kulp’s of Stratford’s HomeWorks division has just become the authorized and exclusive dealer of Marvin Infinity Fiberglass Replacement Windows for the central Wisconsin area. This innovative, premium quality window has the advantage of fiberglass’ superior strength over vinyl products, and is structurally more stable and durable than traditional wood windows. However, these significant performance benefits do not come at the cost of its aesthetics; Infinity Windows maintain a beautiful appearance that is often difficult to differentiate from real wood. If your home or light commercial building is at the point where replacement windows would save energy and enhance its curb appeal, give HomeWorks by Kulp’s of Stratford a call at 715-687-3368, or visit

October 2008 - Rhinelander Department of Public Works garage receives complete new energy efficient building envelope.

Rhinelander Department of Public Works garage In 2007, the Department of Public Works in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, was looking for a way to refurbish its large shop and office on the east side of town. The steel building was beginning to look just a little shabby, and at the same time cost a lot of money to heat during the cold northern winters. The DPW looked to Kulp’s of Stratford for assistance in deciding on a fix for this building, which could end up saving many thousands of dollars in energy savings and maintenance costs, while allowing them to make use of the same well-situated structure for years to come.

Kulp’s of Stratford founder and owner Bob Kulp drew upon his experience in the roofing, spray foam, and metal construction industries to design and specify a complete package for the DPW building. The roof was to be covered with two inches of InsulFoam Expanded Polystyrene insulation and a high quality thermoplastic roofing membrane, which would be mechanically fastened to the existing steel roof. TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membranes were excluded due to historical quality issues and changing formulations. The walls were specified to receive 1.5” of Gaco Western 1.7 lb urethane foam insulation over their entire exterior surface. Over the spray foam layer would be a McElroy MultiV 26 gauge Kynar-coated steel panel, for a fresh new look all the way around.

The project went out for bids in August of 2007, and Kulp’s was the successful bidder at the public bid opening on August 30. The hat sections (for mounting the new panels) were installed to the existing wall first. Work on the spray foam phase of the project took place in November, just prior to the effective end of the season for exterior spray foam work. The wall panels were installed next, with care taken to trim the doors and windows out properly to accommodate the added wall thickness. After some delay due to the heavy snows of Winter 2008, our crew installed the Sikaplan roof, manufactured by Sika Sarnafil, a leading international roofing materials manufacturer. Kulp’s of Stratford is honored to have had the opportunity to provide an entirely new exterior shell for the Rhinelander DPW building, and seeks opportunities to assist other metal building owners in this way.

September 2008 - Kulp's retrofits Kendall home with The Icynene Insulation System.

Kendall home with The Icynene Insulation SystemKulp’s of Stratford, Insulation Division, LLC, recently installed Icynene spray foam into the cathedral ceilings of the Robert and Anita Kendall home in Three Lakes, Wisconsin. Their contractor, Steve Lawonn, who had had a positive experience with Kulp’s insulation services in the past, contacted Kulp’s Salesman Carlin Overholt during the long and snowy winter of 2008. The Kendall home was experiencing some very significant ice damming at the roof edges, as evidenced by the large icicles, some hanging over halfway from the roof edge to the ground. The backed-up meltwater leaked into the house, causing many water stains and inconvenience to the Kendall’s.

In most cases, ice damming on a roof is caused by a combination of (1) large amounts of snow, (2) low temperatures that keep snow from melting quickly, and (3) heat loss through the roof from the interior heated portion of the building. Some of the snow melts from the bottom side of the snow blanket, and the meltwater runs down between the shingles and the snow toward the roof edge, where it refreezes when it reaches the overhang portion of the roof, since there is no heat coming through the roof at that point. Most ice damming can be eliminated by eliminating heat loss through the use of air impermeable insulation.

In July of 2008, crews from Kulp’s removed the shingles and the roof deck from the Kendall home, one large section at a time, removed the existing fiberglass batts from between the rafters, and sprayed Icynene foam in its place, carefully sealing up the valleys and skylight areas, where condensation problems are often worst. Then the roof deck was replaced and new shingles installed, for a much tighter roof assembly than the original construction. This project was a challenging one, but it was one more spray foam insulation retrofit to add to a growing list that Kulp’s of Stratford has completed in the last seven years. Icynene is the leading light-density, open-cell spray foam insulation, with an environmentally friendly formulation that hasn’t changed for more than 20 years.

Summer 2008 - Kulp's of Stratford provides distinctive building enhancements for the Eye Clinic of Wisconsin.

distinctive building enhancements for the Eye Clinic of Wisconsin The Eye Clinic of Wisconsin is now open at its new downtown Wausau location in the Backer Building on North First Street. In assisting with the construction of this striking new building, Kulp’s contributed three important elements that enhanced the quality and attractiveness of this structure:

Sarnafil thermoplastic light gray membrane was installed by the Kulp’s crew, and it was fully adhered to the isocyanurate board to provide an energy-efficient and great-looking roof system. The Sarnafil membrane is formulated for long-term, direct exposure to the elements, and with its fiberglass reinforcement it offers exceptional dimensional stability and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

In addition, the Sarnafil membrane’s reflective properties will help increase the new building’s energy savings, as this material has been shown to assist with “urban heat island” reduction strategies. The Sarnafil membrane was one of the first membranes to be labeled by EPA under the agency’s Energy Star program, and it has been an aid to building owners in their attempts to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Wausau Tile paver system. On the second-story plaza area, we installed a Wausau Tile paver system on pedestals. The pavers were 2’ x 2’ and were set on a pedestal system for a perfectly level floor, on top of a slightly sloped (for drainage) Sarnafil membrane roof. This was a new product and process for us, but it went very well and it will provide an attractive, comfortable place for employees to relax in and enjoy.

Aluminum trims and coping. We installed aluminum trims and coping all around the roof edge, but what was especially challenging were the curves in the roof in two planes at two different areas of the building. Because the wall curves in a wave pattern facing the river, the coping was made in small sections to match the windows just below the coping at the top of the wall.

This was a high profile project right along the Wisconsin River and directly adjacent to the Dudley Tower. We are grateful for the opportunity to have assisted with the construction of this very attractive building that will enhance the downtown and the riverfront area for years to come.

April 2008 - Spring hailstorm in Central and Northern Wisconsin puts roofs to the toughness test.

On Friday, April 25, a storm hurling hail from just under an inch to over 4 inches in diameter cut a swath on a relatively straight line from Vesper through Marathon, Merrill, and Tomahawk, and in isolated cells elsewhere. It is certain that this storm damaged many roofs in its path, which must be claimed under insurance policies and replaced. Kulp's of Stratford has the requisite experience in dealing with insurance companies, and can help you through the process of negotiating the claim and replacing your roof. At the same time, we encourage our clients to consider upgrading to products with greater hail resistance and a much longer life.

Look for more information to be posted on this page in the near future. Meanwhile, browse our website to view examples of what your home could look like with a new roof! Contact us by phone, e-mail when you are ready.

January 2008 - Kulp's of Stratford introduces its new HomeWorks division, specializing in exterior home improvements below the roof.

home improvements in Stratford WIA home is one of the biggest investments many of us make, and it just makes good sense to keep it looking great, and efficient in protecting us from the elements. Kulp's of Stratford has been protecting and beautifying homes for many years with premium roofs and efficient insulation systems. Now we are introducing our new HomeWorks division so we can offer you even more with windows, siding, decks, and even basement or attic finish-outs. The Kulp's team knows just how important your home is to you, and will approach every project with the values of integrity, respect, accountability, openness, and caring that have set us apart over the 23 years we have served central Wisconsin. Offering these additional services allows us to better fulfill our mission as the "professionals bringing beauty, comfort, and value to the places you live and the spaces we share."

November 2007 - Wisconsin Rapids homeowner chooses Kulp's of Stratford to remove and replace hail-damaged asbestos slate roof.

hail-damaged asbestos slate roof On June 7, 2007, a devastating hail storm struck Wisconsin Rapids in the late afternoon hours, with 4 inch and larger hailstones in some areas. Hundreds of roofs were damaged, including the roof on a home on 3rd Street South, near Riverview Hospital. The asbestos-slate shingles were damaged to the point of needing replacement, and Kulp's of Stratford rose to the occasion with their crew of asbestos-certified roofing professionals. After removing the slates and re-sheathing the roof deck, they installed high-definition Elk Domain Winslow shingles, in Stonehenge color. Follow the link below for a photo of the completed roof on this lovely Queen Anne home.

July 2007- Kulp's of Stratford and Marathon Metals provide copper fabrication and roofing services for Yawkey House Restoration Project.

copper fabrication and roofing services copper fabrication and roofing services The beautiful and historic Yawkey House, operated by the Marathon County Historical Society, at 403 McIndoe Street, Wausau, Wisconsin, is being meticulously restored by Hase Building and Design, Inc., also of Wausau. Marathon Metals and Kulp's of Stratford are honored to be able to participate in the worthy work of restoring this architectural gem symbolic of the Wausau area's history. Cyrus and Alice Yawkey had this home built in 1900-1901, and it is now being restored to its appearance circa 1915. Cyrus was a partner in the Yawkey and Lee Lumber Company in northern Wisconsin, before moving to Wausau to lead the Wausau Group, which was composed of wealthy lumbermen who pooled their resources to improve Wausau's economy at the beginning of the last century.

Marathon Metals is providing the fabricated copper trims on the house and the gutters on the carriage house. Kulp's is in the process of re-roofing the carriage house roof to match the main house, and installing the internal copper gutters that had been covered by the current roof for many years. Drive by this project throughout this summer and watch the restoration in progress.

May 2007- Kulp's of Stratford installs Decra Stone-Coated Steel Tile roof in Stevens Point.

Decra Stone-Coated Steel Tile roof in Stevens Point The owner of a unique home in a lovely setting on the Wisconsin River in Stevens Point wanted a beautiful roof for his home that would last for many years longer than the original roof. He was also wanted to make certain that the spacing of the Decra stone-coated steel tiles on the different pitches of the roof looked great when viewed from any angle. Kulp's of Stratford worked with this homeowner to meet his aesthetic concerns, with excellent results, as you can see by going to the link below.

May 2007- Marathon Metals finishes the finials and cross for St Mary's Church in Menasha, Wisconsin.

Marathon Metals, sister company of Kulp's of Stratford, performed the fabrication and painting processes on the decorative finials and cross atop the steeple of the St Mary's Church in Menasha, over an eight month period. Miron Construction carried out the installation and coordinated the refurbishing of the church's exterior during that time.

March 2007- Kulp's of Stratford completes work on the high profile First Wausau Tower roof.

high profile First Wausau Tower roof Downtown Wausau looks different these days, thanks to the new, 11-story First Wausau Tower, otherwise known as the Dudley Tower. Kulp's of Stratford installed both the flat portions of the roof and the very visible silver metallic standing seam steel roof with snow brakes spaced every five feet, giving the tower a distinctive and beautiful appearance. Kulp's also installed the spray foam insulation on the inside of the exterior walls, greatly enhancing energy efficiency when compared with other insulation systems. We are gratified to have been able to contribute significantly to this monumental project in our part of Wisconsin.